Reduction of carbon footprint and saving energy and money are clearly top of most buyer’s agenda. Our windows will ensure all this for you. We will make sure that all our products are energy efficient compliant. Some additional pointers for you;

  • Our uPVC does not just meet energy efficiency standards, but often exceeds them. We will aim to minimise heat loss and draughts. Improving your home's insulation, will reduce the amount of fossil fuels required to heat your home, in turn reducing co2 going into the atmosphere.
  • Our uPVC and timber casement windows come with the highest energy efficiency rating in the industry, A+ rated as standard.
  • We provide energy saving glass technology known as ‘coated low emissivity glass’. This reflects heat back into your home.
  • We only obtain Timber which comes from environmentally sound renewable sources. Also comes with 30 year guarantee against rot and fungus, meaning there won’t be the need to replace them in the future.

They have the ability of keeping your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter


A+ uPVC double or triple glazed windows will keep your home warmer and quieter, reducing energy bills and carbon footprint


All our doors are energy efficient and has one of the most secure lock system. They are manufactured to be draught free and requires low-maintenance


Our Aluminium products are 100% recyclable, hence making it environmentally friendly